Whether designing your new home from square one, or planning to renovate your current home, the design process begins with a consultation discussing every facet of your wish list. Karl will dive into each detail, from the overall aesthetic you desire, to storage features, efficiencies, maximizing the uniqueness of your property, and beyond. The goal for this initial discussion is for Karl to gain insight into your life to best design a home or space specifically with you in mind. 

Sagrada Rendering Photo - 2


Once concluding the consultation and site visit of your property, Karl will draw an initial concept to ensure your confidence in his capabilities and understanding of your wants. At this time, sharing photos of homes that you love guarantees your ideas align. Over the entirety of his professional career, Karl has acquired a deep working knowledge of how to perceive, translate, and produce designs that speak to his clients’ visions. 


Whatever your objective may be, the process remains the same, focused on open dialogue and trust. Karl’s priority is to develop the home of which you’ve only dreamt, by listening, brainstorming and connecting each item on your wishlist.